Unusual Animal Friendship- With A Twist! Koko The Gorilla, ASKS To Be A Mom To A --CAT!Translate

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This fascinating story not only shows us another unusual animal friendship, it shows us unusual animal parenting!

The story begins back in 1984, when Koko the Gorilla was taught to use sign language, to communicate her needs to her caretakers. Koko, was somewhat dissatisfied with her toy cat and 'communicated' that she wanted an actual cat. She was given a cat, named '“All Ball. When the cat went over the Rainbow Bridge, Koko's grief was overwhelming, and she cried and signed 'sleep cat'.

According to her trainer, Francine Patterson,, Koko, now  has a signing vocabulary of an estimate 2000 words and can sign over a 1,000 signs, using 'gorilla sign language'.

Koko, was overjoyed on her 44th birthday, when she was given a box of kittens and was given a choice of two, to become mom too. 

Proud mom Koko and her newly adopted kittens are all happy and well, enjoying their life. If you would like to learn more about Koko's riveting story, you can read about it here: koko.org | Facebook | Amazon

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