Empathy, Compassion, Extreme Danger- Florida Biologist Risks All To Save A Black Bear From Drowning In Dramatic RescueTranslate

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When Biologist,Adam warwick, was out one day, little did he know that this would be no ordinary day, and that to many, he would be considered to be very brave and a hero. To others his actions seemed dangerous and pure foolishness. However, compassionate Adam's love, empathy and devoted attention to a dangerous wild animal in distress, overrode everything when adrenalin kicked in. This is what happened when a big black bear was seen wandering into an inhabited area in Florida, Police attempted to tranquilize him, in order to safely return him, back to the National Park.

However, the tranquilizer merely spooked him , causing him to run- straight into the Ocean. Unfortunately it as at this point, that the tranquilizer started to take immediate effect. Brave Adam rushed in without hesitation, to rescue the bear, with a crowd of shocked onlookers pleading with him to consider his own safety.

As soon as Adam reached the bear, the bear, struggled trying to claw at him, as his strength  was leaving him, due to the sedative effects of the tranquiliser. Adam, was undeterred and grabbing as much fur as he possibly could, he kept a firm hold of the bear whose fighting strength was by now rapidly diminishing.

Finally, Adam managed to drag the by now fully sedated bear from the Ocean, and was helped by others in the final moments.

An Excavator was used to help transport the bear back to Osceola National Forest.

Without a doubt, this bear would most certainly have died, if it was not for the dramatic rescue by Adam, who after visiting the bear said Jokingly:

He looks a lot happier in his natural environment. I don’t think he’ll be going near the water any time soon!!!!!

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