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Its difficult to imagine in the 21st century, that there are, in fact, tribal communities, who are isolated from the rest of the world. Yet there are some, that still exist.  In a fascinating project, from the 1970's researchers spent considerable time, observing one of these tribes. 

The tribal community, were naturally wary and possibly considerably alarmed by the researchers, observing their environment. 
 However, curiosity clearly prevailed and they cautiously approached the researchers

The research project was subsequently recorded, however its important to note that, during the 1970's attitudes towards African caribbeans were considerably different.

A More Relaxed Greeting

A more relaxed greeting

There are very few native tribes left in the world that are completely isolated -- hopefully, our growing and changing societies don't encroach upon their homes. Being so "pure" is a very rare (and curious) thing.

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