Homeless Guy Shows Undeniable Unconditional Love For An Abandoned Dog- Changes BOTH Their LivesTranslate

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When Bernard Holland found an abandoned,  dog in a pitiful state, who was so thin , hungry and near death, he took him in. Together, they shared a deep loving  bond and when Bernard sadly fell on hard times, his devoted dog, Oreo, was all he had left, and he refused to give up on him.
 Bernard's sister, was unable to take him into her home, as dogs were not allowed/ So Bernard, and Oreo were homeless, and when  the temperature in Indianapolis fell below zero, Bernard's thoughts were with Oreo and he did his absolute best to ensure that he was never cold or alone

One day, as Bernard was setting up a tent, to keep him and Oreo, warm and dry, a volunteer, from  Horizon House, spotted him.

Her name was Melissa House, and she spoke to Ben Berlein, from the aptly named 'WiggleButtZ doggy day care and he He kindly offered Ben and Oreo, a place to stay.

These kind hearted and compassionate people, with big hearts are an awesome example of humanity in action

This was the turning point that Ben and Oreo needed, and the beginning of an upward spiral in Ben and oreo's lives .

Bernard was given a painting and mantenance job at WiggleButtz house, and Bernard and Oreo have a temporary home at a nearby motel

As stated before in a previous article.

The  purely unconditional love that dogs give us, is undeniable, and as this story shows, that unconditional love can work both ways.

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