This Guy Carried On Rescuing Until He Became Unconscious-Undeniably Legendary Real Life Selfless Heroic Dramatic Rescuer, Shavarsh KarapetyanTranslate

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This hero story, is an awesome example, of not only true unconditional love, but, also of how one mans dramatic rescue, saved many lives.

The story begins in 1960's, in Armenia, when Shavarsh Karapetyan, became a famous sports star. His career was phenomenal- not only was he a World record holder, but an impressive 17 time world champion, 13 time European champion and 7 time USSR champion. 

However,on september 16th, in 1976, in Armenia, Sport star Shavarsh Karapetyan's carreer was cut tragically short, by a series of events, that turned him into a hero of epic proportions

Take a look at the pictures below, watch this amazing hero's story unfold

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