3-Year Old James Hyatt Found A 16th Century Gold Pendant On His First Metal Detecting ExpeditionTranslate

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On his first metal detecting expedition, James Hyatt 3-years of age, found a 16th Century Gold Pendant. This happened on a metal detecting trip with his grandfather and father last May. The kid was blessed with beginner’s luck, finding a gold locket potentially worth £2.5 million with his metal detector. The kid had just been passed the device when it began to buzz in a field in Hockley, in Essex. The gold container was buried 8in below and it served to hold religious relics. James was very excited when he realized he had found real treasure.

According to the experts, the locket was dated to the early 16th century when was the era of Henry VIII. They further stated that the relic could have belonged to a member of the royal family. After these discoveries the reliquary was declared treasure trove, which means that the proceeds of its sale will be shared between the landowner and the family of the little James.

James’ family believes that he is a lucky little man.  Now, the 4-year old James has a 6-month sister and he lies with his family in Essex.

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