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Meet Margaret Thome Bekema whom at the age of 97 graduated from Grand Rapids Catholic Central High. This brave woman was forced to quit high school back in 1932 in order to take care of her brothers and sisters and sick mother who was diagnosed with cancer. 

This very moving story supports the notion that life is all about the chase and that we need to fight hard for the things we want to achieve no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of us. 

Now, 79 years later since Margaret dropped out of high school she is rewarded with an honorary high school diploma. This beautiful moment as brought her to tears. This story is a great example which should inspire all of us and that we should never stop trying because it's never too late.

Bekema was so grateful for this opportunity and was stressing the fact that leaving school at the time was extremely difficult for here.

During the ceremony Bekema mentioned she loved high school and had many friends. It's a privilege to be able to go to school.

The principal Greg Deja who presented Margaret with het reward added: “Her life has been one of sacrifice and service. It has been so encouraging and inspiring for our community because her choices represent all the core values that we teach our students.”

For this special occasion Grand Rapids Catholic Central High have dated the diploma at 1936

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