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In a previous article, we looked at how a guy proposed to his girlfriend, in a very romantic way, that was significant only to them.  They were passionate about the game of monopoly and he had a special game board designed, containing the hidden ring. here we have another romantic proposal, which is not only significant to the couple, but also unusual and unique.

When Lucas Unger and Carlee Liefkes were choosing their  for an engagement rings, Carlee, wanted something that  she could treasure, which was a symbolic representation of their love, that she considers to be far more important than  a regular diamond ring. Something that was unique to her partner, Lucas. For carlee, that was his Wisdom tooth, and this was the centerpiece for her ring.

Since her announcement on her Facebook page, her story has created a lot of attention, with mixed reactions. Most of these have been positive. However sadly, some people have viewed her decision in a negative way. However, there is a common belief that our wisdom teeth, are called this because, they usually appear around the age of 21. Although they can appear before or after this. . However, whats significant to this intriguing story, is that they are a symbolic representation of maturity. 

Carlee and Lucas got engaged on halloween, and to her doubters she had this to say:

So incredibly excited to marry my best friend, the man who knows that his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond,We have never been the ‘traditional couple’, why the heck start now?”

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