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Of all the Jobs in the world, Parenting has to be the hardest of them all. Being a good parent, is something that everyone has something to say about. There is a lot of advice on the best way to raise children,and many different answers. However, one thing is certain, it is not about doing things this way or that way, its about doing the best you can, whatever circumstances you are in. Children need parents who love them, spend quality time and teach them good values.  

Every picture tells a story, its been said, and here are 15 pictures of children, with their mini stories, that neatly sum up the points mentioned.
All of these delightful children, clearly show compassion, humanity and community spirit, with selfless kind acts. They are not only truly inspiring, but set a good example, restoring our faith in humanity.

Ken's Original Drawing

Ken's original drawing
When his father explained that  he would be grown up by the time he raised enough money- Ken did not give up' He created drawings, posters and spent most of his time feeding the stray animals. This caused people to sit up and take notice and his picture went viral, and Ken's story resulted in funding for a whole host of "animal clubs' across the Philippines, saving countless animal lives.

9-year-old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too

 9-year-old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too
And 9 year old Hailey from Washington,  has achieved the same results with humans! This  kind hearted little girl, having witnessed the plight of a homeless guy, inspired  people to build shelters for the homeless. Now this little girl, learned how to put a simple constructed wood shelter together, and still today, is actively involved in all constructions. She also grows healthy vegetables in her garden, to be given out.

3 Year Old Also Helps Cancer Sufferers

3 year old also helps cancer sufferers
When this little girl saw another little  without hair- like most children, she asked mom why is she bald? when her mom carefully explained that it was her cancer meds,  this little girl made a decision- every time she went to the hair stylist- she would donate her cut hair so that children could have wigs.

Also Donating His Hair,helping Cancer Sufferers .

Also donating his hair,helping cancer sufferers .
This young guy, grew his hair long, in order to make wigs, for children, who lost their hair during cancer treatments. He carried on for two whole years, despite sadly becoming the victim of severe bullying.Staying positive, remaining true to his conviction

Family First -The Importance Of A Good Family Home

Family first -The importance of a good family home
This little one, has already learned the importance and value of parenting - special moments like tucking in your children at bedtime. The words from this boy, who took in a stray cat speak volumes
"so he knows he lives at our house and will come back'
This was a whole year after, and this little boy still tucks him in

Another Parenting Moment

Another parenting moment
When this little girl's mom was in the parking lot, her little girl discovered that the family's fur baby was going to the Veterinarian for his shots. Like any concerned parent she immediately comforted him and told him :that the shots would hurt, but it  would be ok and if she was good, she would get to go to the toy store

Kid Logic- Beautiful Sentiments

Kid logic- beautiful sentiments
This little 5 year old boy, figured that if he liked peanut butter, then maybe the animals at his local shelter may do too. So he saved up all his money and bought them some

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