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There are many awesome pictures and stories discovered each day, which quite quickly travel the internet. Some are old, some well known, others not so.  In previous articles, we have looked at bizarre and unusual world sites and places. In a follow up article, here are 12 more of them- this time underwater.

Number 1 has to be the Mysterious Rock formations, discovered in Lake Michigan, for these bear an uncanny resemblance to an English Landmark, also shrouded in mystery. Quite simply, there is no clear explanation for how these came into existence. Although many theories ranging from Archaeological to Religious have been put forward, the mystery still remains

Check out these 12 pictures, some have explanations, some not, but they are all, quite intriguing.

2. Spiders

2. Spiders
Some species of spiders create air pockets on their webs so they can breathe.

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