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There are many animal rescuers, who amazing work, The Lifeline Animal Project, is a good example of one. Although they were fundamental, in this rescue story, they were helped by someone very special-  A dog called Zeus, without him, they may never have discovered the frightfully dangerous and upsetting situation, that another poor dog, called Athena, had found themselves  in.

Stray dog Athena, after getting caught up in some lattice style fencing, was desperately struggling, unfortunately this led to her becoming more entangled, and with no help nearby,was desperately dangling in a precarious position.

This is where the lovely Zeus comes in, for he never left her side and continually yelped and barked for attention and finally he succeeded.

When Athena was finally freed from her dreadful two day ordeal, thankfully her only Injury was a swollen toe. 

And at this point, the story becomes sadder, for both Athena and Zeus, have no family, and desperately need a home.

The undeniable unconditional love and devotion shared between Zeus and Athena, clearly demonstrates three things.

Firstly, Just like humans, animals show compassion and support and even rescue each other. Secondly, Animal rescuers such as the Lifeline Animal Project, undoubtedly save many lives. Finally, stray dogs, are often viewed as a nuisance, yet all they want is a loving caring family, Just like we do.

It is hoped that one day, Athena and Zeus, will find a loving family. If you would like more information on how these lovely dogs are doing, or want to follow the work of the Lifeline Animal Project, you can visit their website 

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