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Some of you may remember Elizabeth Marek, but for those who don't she published last year one of the sweetest books there are:  “Visual Guide to Cake Decorating”. But Elizabeth does not stop to amaze us, she is now back with yet another sweet project of hers -  the lumberjack cake! The cake for true lovers of lumbersexual trend.

On her website Marek wrote: “When hubs chopped down that Christmas tree all lumberjack like, my obsession with plaid became clear.” She is not hiding her love towards lumberjacks as she continues to explain this piece of cake artwork: “I’m in love with lumberjacks. It makes sense. I love trees. I love beards. I love plaid. This lumberjack cake is a culmination of almost all my obsessions. If I could have worked in a mermaid I would have.”

If you also love urban woodsman, lumberjacks, trees, axes and cakes and you want to find out how to make this unique cake you will have to sign up on Elizabeth's Sugar Geek Show website or become one of her patrons on Patreon. But since "the best things in life are free" there is another way for you to learn how to make this sweet art for free! Just follow this link.

More info: artisancakecompany.com | Facebook | Patreon

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