Super Cool Magic Candle Hatches Dinosaur As It Melts

4 year ago · Sky DeVries · 0 Comment

So your friend gives you a candle shaped like an egg for your birthday. You're like, "oh gee thanks." I mean you like candles, but it's just an egg-shaped candle that doesn't even smell.


One day, you're like I'm just gonna light this mo fo up.

And then ... it's like 1 a.m. and you're sitting in your living room by the candlelight enjoying a glass of wine.

And you look over at your lovely candle and ...


You see the head of a dinosaur, a baby raptor, it's looking at you, OMG.

You freak out, you wake everyone up ... OMG a dinosaur is hatching in the living room!!!

Yup, awesome story and so you have to buy one of these awesome egg candle dinosaur hatching thing for your friends, and somehow get them to light it up in the dark - so they can freak out :) and if you can somehow record it, it'll be even better.

This magical Hatching Egg Candle is brand-spanking new, so new that you can't actually get one until 2016. The dino-eggs will cost $45, the raptor inside is porcelain and the candles stands at around 5 inches high. You can preorder the magic from Firebox and start freaking people out in early 2016.

Here's a link to Firebox

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