Fat Vs Thin- Pear Shape Or Hourglass? 100 Years On- And We Are STILL Trying To Conform To The Ideal Body StandardTranslate

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Men? well, when they age, struggle with belly fat, its okay. However, when it comes to women, its a whole different ball game. Its a well known fact that the idea of a beautiful woman, is connected to how much she weighs, and the millions of dollars made by the diet industry, is testament to this fact. But it doesn't end there, oh no, factors like age also come into play. 

For example, when a female celebrity is considered to be ' still attractive'  when shes over the age of 40, the question is always - how does she do it?  statements such as shes so fit and sexy for her age. 

When its a male celebrity- they become suave sophisticated, you almost never hear about them being 'still hot for their age'. Its no wonder that an increasing amount of young women, are having cosmetic surgical procedures to 'combat the early signs of aging'. 

Then we are bombarded with images of what a 'perfect body' (read woman's).ios supposed to look like. Its worth noting, that there has been one constant pattern over the years- there has always been one famous woman, usually, but not always, a celebrity, who became the Iconic representation of the perfect female figure,  So what has changed, if anything, over the last 100 years- check out the 100 year history of different 'ideal body' shapes and Judge for yourself

How has society’s understanding of what makes a woman beautiful changed over the past 100 years? Let’s find out. The contrast beween different eras is fascinating!


Between 1920 and 1930- the flat chested thin look was short lived- now the emphasis was shifting towards - or back towards, a large bosom and curvy hips

1940's Betty Grable

1940's Betty Grable
The beginning of the hourglass shape obsession- Betty Grable was noted to have an ample 34B bosom, with a slender waist and this was considered- 'perfect'

In sharp contrast to the previous decade, in the 1950s women were once again expected to look curvy, soft and extremely feminine. Everywhere, thinner women were derided; if you wanted to obtain the desired look, you had no choice but to put on some weight. Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were the examples whom every girl was supposed to follow.

1960s: Twiggy

1960s: Twiggy
Fast forward a decade and again, theres a sharp reverse- now the opposite is highly desirable- Thin is back in- but wait, theres more- the thinner the better! The Swinging sixties, was the era of  'the waif'. And its said, that this is where the diet industry, begins to grow in popularity, due in part to the increasing demand to 'get thin quick'.

1980s- Thin Equals Fit

1980s- Thin equals fit
This was the era of the exercise, diet regime- Women could achieve the perfect body- through their own efforts. Muscly women was more acceptable, having previously been considered 'unnatural'. This is also the era of the "supermodel' Thin, long and lean with long muscly legs was the ideal

2010s: The ' Big ' BUTT!

2010s:  The ' big ' BUTT!
This is the most fascinating era- when celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, become Iconic figures.  They seemingly have it all, strong, lean, curvy, voluptuous, these beautiful women are considered to be the ultimate in beauty

So Now What?

So now what?

It seems clear that after 100 years, the notion of perfect body has shifted backwards and forwards, between thin and painfully thin- to curvy and hourglass- to a combination of all of them?

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