Dogs That Found The Perfect Hide-outsTranslate

4 year ago · Mandy Cooper · 0 Comment
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Like children, dogs bring liveliness into our lives, they have this crazy idea that all they have to do is close their eyes and imagine themselves lost into the unknown where they cannot be seen. Well, it may not be crazy to them, but to us adults who have matured up in mind, body and spirit we view it as a stupid thing to do but, a laughable scenario.   

Well, humans are different from animals, but the peculiarity is the bond that exist between them especially when one considers the caring touch. Some dogs take it even more further by looking for a cozy place where they can just close their eyes and get some rest thinking that no one is actually seeing them, that they are in a world of no existence except themselves. Very funny indeed.  We have put together a collection of photographs which view man’s best friend trying to get out of sight, check out below.

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