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Some people believe in the existence of monsters while others don't. If you don't, this amazing discovery will change your mind regarding the existence of monsters.

Scientists recently discovered a humongous water creature in a cave near Chongqing, China that checks all the monster boxes! The 5 feet long monstrous creature weighs nearly 115 pounds and according to the scientists, it is believed that the water creature could be over 200 years old! Fascinating, who would've thought?   

The century-old water creature clearly proves the monster doubters wrong!


Upon further examination, the scientists reckoned that the sea creature was in actual sense a giant Salamander.

Currently rated as the largest amphibian in the world, this discovery will remain as a major one in recent years. It is believed that the creature survived in the flowing waters inside the cave by feeding on frogs, crustaceans and even insects.

Let this not surprise you as some salamanders have been found to grow up to 6 feet long! 

In light of this discovery, the scientists also revealed that salamanders are among the few creatures that feature the ''negligible senescence'' which essentially means that they never age biologically.

In recent years, giant salamanders have become a rarity due to a number of reasons. The pollution factor which destroys their habitats together with the fact that these creatures are used in traditional Chinese medicine makes them valuable treasures especially in the black market.

Sad as it might sound, giant salamanders are an endangered species.

Maybe they are the closest we'll ever get to a dragon!

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