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If you thought that Tarzan was just a work of fiction think twice! After 40 years, a man who left everything behind and ran into the forest was finally found to the bewilderment of many. The man who could easily be mistaken for Tarzan was rocking on a loincloth as he was brought out of the forest of Vietnam.

Call it absurdity but the two men chose to live a life so secretive and primitive that it took the public 40 years to learn of their existance. Though they might have endured a lot while in the forest, their lives changed drastically upon being discovered.

This treehouse-like structure which was spotted by a villager on a walk through the forest acted as home to Ho Van Thanh together with his son Ho Van Lang for 40 years.

The two who fled their home lived in the forest of Vietnam isolating themselves from the society.

To survive, they had to cultivate their own crops and hunt. Evidently, officials discovered the tools that these two men used to survive.

While recounting the events that led to his fleeing, Thanh remembers a bombing incident in their village by the U.S which claimed the lives of his wife, daughters and separated him from his youngest son Tri. In an endeavor to save his remaining family, he grabbed Lang and sought refuge in the forest.  

A true survival story that shocked many, the two men were quickly attended to by medical staff as they needed immediate medical attention. Amazingly, Thanh was able to communicate with the village rescuers.   

Though reunited with his youngest son Tri, Thanh still wants to return to the forest as he believes that the forest is his home.

An emotional reunion indeed. Tri's only hope is that his father will make the small family reunion permanent.

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