This Extreme Selfie Was Merely A Hoax- But Still Became A Popular Tourist Spot Anyway!Translate

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Categories: Lifestyle · Photography     Tags: Luis Fernando Candela. Bogus Pictures · Camera Trick · Man Hangs Off Cliff Edge In Dare Devil Stunt

A death defy stunt by a Brazilian resident,Luis Fernando Candela. impressed lots of people, and at first glance, its simply amazing. In an  extraordinary feat of strength, Candela is perched precariously on the edge of a cliff.

The picture was very popular on social media, and Luis reported that his girlfriend became 'hysterical' with fear and worry. However, when someone went to look at the famous spot, they discovered that it was merely a clever camera trick. 

Interestingly, the spot has now attracted lots of visitors, eager to see how he fooled them all

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