Believe It Or Not, The Largest Pit Bull In The World Is Absolutely AdorableTranslate

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Aptly named Hulk, this pit bull is weighs in at 80 kilograms – and he hasn't even reached the age of two. Though his large body, massive jaws, and deep bark might be intimidating to some, this friendly boy is incredibly gentle.

Marlon and Lisa Grennan, professional dog breeders, provide plenty of love and attention to their growing companion. Because he has grown up in a healthy, stable environment, Hulk rejects every one of the the existing negative stereotypes about the breed.

Hulk loves to greet visitors and prove what a caring, compassionate animal he is to any skeptics.

He shares an especially close connection with Marlon and Lisa's three year old son, Jordan.

Not long ago, Hulk was an average sized puppy; however, as he aged he grew at an incredibly rapid pace.

Despite his massive size, he is incredibly gentle with the family. Here, Hulk is more than happy to let Jordan ride on his back. 

Hulk is very well trained, and though he has incredibly strength and stamina, he has the upmost respect for his human companions and always knows when to stop or slow down.

Hulk much prefers to give hugs than pick fights.

A loyal friend and a big part of the family, this tight knit group loves nothing more than to unwind at the end of a long day. 
Recently, Hulk became the father of eight healthy pups! 
The newest additions have had no problem fitting into the family. 
Hulk's growing family is as happy as can be!

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