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Every now and then, you come across a breathtaking photo that shows the natural beauty of our world. You can't help but think the creative brilliance is a result of Photoshop. We are sharing 15 untouched photos, moments captured by photographers, that will make you see that sometimes beauty truly is natural.

This man baited a 33-pound golden carp while fishing in Southern France.

This twisted railroad in New Zealand crossed the fault line of a 7.1 earthquake.

This zebroid is a hybrid of a zebra and a pony. 

Berlin's AquaDom is not just a massive aquarium that holds more than 1,500 fish. It's also a two-storey glass elevator that holds up to 48 people.

A strikingly beautiful hibiscus bloomed in the volcanic ashes following an eruption in Sumatra Island.

This funnel is actually a vortex spillway in England's Ladybower Reservoir.

This husky is not walking on water – he's crossing an iced-over lake. 

Saint Martin's Maho Beach is the starting point of the airport runway.

This ice formation was created by an earlier parked Jeep.

Australia's Festival of the Winds boasts magnificent kites in the skies over Bondi Beach.

This isn't a sea monster. It's actually algae roughed up by the waves.

California's Glass Beach might be colorful and beautiful but it is actually created by years of dumping trash near the coastline.

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