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Weighing 198-pounds, Claire Crowthers, 31, didn't want to be a fat bride. So much so that she rejected her boyfriend's marriage proposal. 

Claire focused more on her career as a busy midwife and neglected to care for herself. Years of eating junk food and ready-made meals weighed heavily on her. She wanted to gain control over her life again and started on a healthy path – this included a future with the man of her dreams.

You won't believe what she looks like today!

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Claire before she started her healthy lifestyle.

After 10 months of exercising, Claire lost 56 pounds but she wanted to tone herself even more. She tagged team at the gym with her boyfriend, Stephen, who was also trying to live healthy. Together the pair supported one another in their journey toward a healthy lifestyle. 

Following the workouts with her boyfriend, Claire lost an additional 28 pounds.
She successfully made the transformation from being full-figured and curvy into a trim and toned woman.

Claire and Stephen pledged their lives to one another in October 2014.

A trimmed and toned Claire, with husband Stephen and daughter Molly on the big day.

We are inspired by Claire's motivation and passion to change!

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