"welcome To America' Shes Whispers Softly As She Holds The Frightened Fur Baby, Rescued Just In Time Before Being Beaten And Being EatenTranslate

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The practice of eating dogs in China and Thailand has caused the rest of the world to recoil in horror. There have been endless campaigns to end this trade. Most notably, the British Celebrity and Animal advocate, Ricky Gervais, who quite understandably refers to them as 'C***ts'
Filthy cages held over 100 dogs, destined to be beaten, skinned alive and eaten. This  is the reality of meat farms in South Korea, where dogs are bred for their meat.  The  Humane Society International, has stepped in to work with the farmers to end this barbaric and cruel trade, by encouraging them to adopt, more humane trading businesses.

In an interview with Fox, they said:

 “Up to 10 million dogs are killed for human consumption per year across China, with around 10,000 just at the Yulin festival alone.  Undoubtedly there is still a way to go before we end this cruelty, but it is certainly a dying industry in every respect, and the number of dogs we’re seeing killed at Yulin is getting smaller year on year. 

Take a look at the recent rescue, by the Humane Society International below. At first, the fear in the fur babies eyes, is saddening, then it is quickly replaced by joy, when they are given love and affection. 

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