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If we told you that there is an 18 year old girl who creates magic would you believe us? Well, the truth is this girl does exist and her name is Angela Clayton. Extremely talented and creative Angela is a costume designer from New York. Her creations are no ordinary gowns. Just take a look at one of those and we promise you will have to look them all! 

Angela is saying that she learned most of the sewing skills by herself and that small details are not something bothering her. She actually enjoys the complexity of a lot of details. She feels free working on those projects.  

At first she started by making cosplay costumes. As those were really fabulous she started to think out of the box and to make historical gowns. Also she likes making fantasy-inspired costumes and dresses. 

Even though cosplay costumes are very popular Angela Clayton couldn't imagine how much she will like making visually sophisticated costumes that are not predefined famous characters. 

Once she gave her imagination freedom she couldn't go back. And we are really thankful for that. Angela started a YouTube vlog also. She wants to share her knowledge with the others. 

It is truly unimaginable to dislike her works.

Just look at her version of Cinderella dress. This vision in light blue!

And how about something a bit more renaissance? Anglea gave a whole new look to the gown of Doña Isabel de Requesens. Portrait of this lady is a famous painting by Raphael and Giulio Romano.

This one is one of the most popular characters from the last year - astounding Elsa! Angela needed almost 250 hours to create this beauty. All the tiny details on the cape are done by hand and took 170 hours to be finished.

And what about feathers? Everybody loves feathers! ;) 

Angela is currently obsessed with medieval 17th century style (especially from the period from 1620s and 1630s). Also one of her favourites are ball gawns from 1860s. She claims that renaissance is just her eternal love! 
And her work is one of our favourites. Miss Angela just keep up the amazing work of art!

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