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There is a kind of magic in the black and white photographs and no doubt many professional photographers today are playing with that aspect of photography. Those that were not born in the last few decades remember that in the past people were still able to capture various moments from their lives. The black and white photographs are so wonderful to look at today and bring back nostalgia to years that have long gone by.

Today all cameras are capable of taking color images and many photographers take advantage of the colour and the latest technological advances in their photography. Even so, the black and white photography is very special as it captures a whole new world that would hardly be depicted in the colour photos. The so called monochrome photography is an ability to look deep into the nature of things and what is hidden from us. That is why very often the skillfully taken black and white photographs become masterpieces.

Check these 20 fabulous black and white photos made by photographers who can also be called artists.

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