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Inspired by a social media campaign to help disabled children, British toymaker Makies introduced the world's first line of dolls with disabilities. The campaign invited parents to customize dolls in the image of their children – disabilities and all.

Kudos to Makies for encouraging inspiration through inclusive play!

The Toy Like Me campaign quickly captured attention from a worldwide audience that submitted photos of their handmade dolls.The toy company followed through with its commitment and set out to create lifelike replicas of disabled children.

The campaign received a flood of photos that showed the dedication of parents who wanted toys made in the image of their kids.

After the success of the Toy Like Me campaign, Makies introduced its new line of dolls. 

3D-printing technology is used to replicate medical devices, like walking or hearing aids. 

Makies is now working on wheelchair dolls! Parents can design dolls that match the features of their children! 

Everything from guide dogs to hearing aids or birthmarks can be added to your doll! 

Makies hopes the new toy line will break any stereotypes and help children with disabilities embrace their differences. What a wonderful idea!

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