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Cats are true master of their faith. They do what they want and they go where they want to. That is a fact, known to all people and because of that the story of this cat in London comes as no surprise. The kitty lives in a supermarket in the British capital. It was first noticed last November as it was parading around in Sainsbury’s in Brockley. 

Several days alter the cat was identified as Olly Oliver – a six-year-old cat that has been removed from the premises by the store security. Yet, as cats have no fear of laws of man or God, the cat returned to the store. 

Today Oliver is stalking the shelves and is judging Londoners on their shopping. The cat is becoming quite famous among the locals, yet the Sainsbury’s management is not trying to capitalize off the free publicity. A spokesperson of the store said “The cat lives in the house next door and comes in here every day all the time. Of course, he is not allowed to be here, yet the staff like him, but he is also a health and safety risk.”

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