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With over half a billion active users, Instagram has gained a lot of popularity. It has become the new thing that everyone must have. If you are an attractive person, even better for you because Instagram is the place to be. Besides the fact that it allows you to share a lot of things, it also enables you to link to other sites e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and others. It is a place full of exciting things such as funny videos, photos of different people and lots of other things. Even though it is gaining wide popularity, a big challenge still faces the use of this popular social site that is, the problem of being hacked. We have seen situations where celebrities have had their accounts hacked, and very sensitive information has been leaked concerning them. This report includes some fine pictures that one wouldn’t want anyone else seeing, personal information or any other general sensitive information. This does not only happen to celebrities but also other people. This is a colossal challenge as it could lead to very severe consequences including suicide. So how can we try and curb this problem? Just like wearable tech; this is brand new technology, and here are some ways you could try to secure your password.

Pick a strong password

First and foremost, as little help as it may sound, this could come in handy. When you are choosing your password, always try and choose passwords that are strong and not easy to guess. While choosing passwords, do not choose words that may be too easy to guess or known to people such as any of your names, pet names, your parents’ names and all other familiar names. Always choose a strong password, something that only you would know. Try picking something that has around 12 characters that are a little complex. If you are worried about remembering the password, you can save it somewhere, such as your phone, until you have fully memorized it.

Always keep your personal information private

Some people always tend to give out too much information to the public forgetting that not everyone has the best intentions for you. Avoid giving out too much information about yourself to total strangers as that is exactly what they are. Most of the times, people tend to have too many followers and hardly know a quarter of the number personally. Some of them are total strangers. Information such as your location, your phone numbers should be kept private as this could help someone else crack your password using this information.

Always log out your account

Make sure that whenever you have logged into your account especially from an unsecured location, always to log out. Most people usually forget to log out even while using public computers and this is a very careless behavior. Someone could come and get access to your account and end up leaking some very sensitive information about you. If you are not using your personal phone to log in, always log out as you never know what could happen. As they say, its better safe than sorry.

Make sure that your email account is secure

This could be the start of your problems. This is because, through your email account, a person could just as easily hack into your account and crack your password hence make it your business to secure your email account.

Block any users you feel are different

This could come in handy as sometimes, such people are usually the real problem. Those people you feel are acting suspiciously could be behind something like hacking your account. People who are always trying to seek your attention, commenting weird things on your posts, constantly asking for your personal information and any other things you may consider suspicious. Block this user as thy may pose a threat to your account.


It is very necessary to secure your password, and some of these things may help you just do that. An open password could pose a very significant threat that could bare some massive consequences. Instagram is meant to be a fun experience and hence an open password could end up ruining that for you.




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