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Yeah there are unbelievable things in this world. But have you seen them all? We at Dimplify searched for 25 most amazing things you won't believe are real. 

Be amazed!

A path-laying Machine

A path-laying machine
It's like in some kind of a cartoon isn't it? You just drive this incredible machine and the path is made behind you!


Yes, yes this is pure nature in action. Perfect cubes formed only by nature forces. The name of this exquisite mineral is Pyrite.

Amazing Egg Art!

Amazing egg art!
This is the eggshell artisticly decorated. In order to do this you would have to drill more than 20,000 holes in a fragile eggshell! Can you imagine the patience and precision needed for this?

Would You Go "down The Tubes"?

Would you go "down the tubes"?
This tube like thing is actually the worlds deepest swimming pool. Here you can dive 113 ft (almost 35 meters). The pool can hold up to 600,000 gallons (or more that 1,300,000 liters) of water!

Norway's Giant Swords

Norway's giant swords
On the coast of Norway there is a memorial monument made up of giant swords. These 3 swords are around 10 meters high and are called «Sverd i fjell».

New Meaning Of Train Bridge

New meaning of train bridge
So basically people living here didn't have a bridge, but had some spare railroad car and that's when idea sparked in someone's mind. The rest is history...

Nature's Geometry

Nature's geometry
It's not only Pyrite cubes that are perfect geometric forms created by mother nature. Here's something you probably have in your house right now - cabbage!  

Are You A Cat Person?

Are you a cat person?
Here you can see how your favorite pet sees our world at night! Regular human eye would see the top image, but your cat has a brightness pic effect (bottom picture). ;) 

X-files Fan Anyone?

X-files fan anyone?
What you can see is not E.T. and his vehicle. Nope. Just a regular cloud, winner of the "UFO look a like"  contest.

Unbelievable Art

Unbelievable art
This impressive work of art is made by melting rods. Every layer of colored glass is carefully melted together in a particular pattern in order to form a final astonishing picture. They call it "a loaf of art" because it resembles a loaf of bred.  

You Will Not Believe What This Is.

You will not believe what this is.
Looks like some kind of thing you would use in a laboratory, right? But it is a compressed bottle of soda. A one liter bottle of soda actually. After this stage the air is added to get that final look you see in stores. 

Not A Collage.

Not a collage.
This is actually just one picture! Bella Borsodi is a photographer with unique style. He puts things in an unusual order making optical illusions looking like this!

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