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Toy Stories is a  very intriguing  photo project,of, children from diverse cultures and backgrounds, with their toys.

The project, by Gabriele, raised some very interesting observations. A good example was the awareness, of how factors such as their socioeconomic background , impacted on the children's attitudes. It appeared that the children, from a more affluent background were somewhat possessive over their toys and seemingly reluctant to share them It was also noted that they appeared to be more cautious over allowing the photographer too close to their prized possessions. However, the children from the poorer socioeconomic backgrounds, appeared to be more willing to 'share and share alike'.  This was despite the fact, that they had very few toys, in comparison

Another equally fascinating observation was that despite these marked differences all the children, appeared to have one thing in common. Their chosen toys appeared to be directly influenced, by their parent's employment and their day to day life, including their household routines

Take a look at the pictures below, from this fascinating and insightful project, and judge for yourself.

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