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There is nothing like revealing photos from the relatively distant past. Interesting, intriguing, unbelievable photos. Photos of famous people from their youth. Or just incredible photos of ordinary people in not so ordinary situations. 

The King! The King and records! Young King half naked with records! What more could you ask for from a photo? (Elvis Presley, 1950)

One not so famous guy. A true Californian lumberjack next to his enormous "product" , 1915

One of the worlds greatest scientists and Hopi Indians. Yep, you guested it, it's Albert Einstein, 1922

The first ever Miss Russia. Marina Shalyapina on a photo from 1931.

You know how people like to know their future? Well these ladies were fortune tellers of New York back in 1943.

Saving Private Donkey! I see new role for Matt Damon waiting here. Photo is from 1940s.

MJ surely had some fantastic people in his official videos. Micheal Jordan is one of them.  (1992)

Looks like R2D2, but it's not. This picture from 1911 shows Chester Macduffee and his patent - diving suit. This baby weighted 250 kg.

A little of internet history - the very first Google team! This historic group of people took a photo in 1999. Try and Google it! ;)

If we didn't know better it would cross our minds that this is a photo from a certain kind of movies. But actually it's just a supervisor and a worker in Moscow car factory. (1954)

Still in mother Russia - the ne and only Yuri Gagarin is having picnic with his friends in Dolgopridny. Picture was taken in 1963.

The beginnings of the famous Mount Rushmore. Here you can see workers carving George Washington’s face back in 1932.

This looks quite ordinary, right? A pic of some family. But there is just one thing, it is ON THE MOON. Astronaut Charles Duke left it in April 1972 with inscription: ’’This is the family of Astronaut Duke from Planet Earth."

Forget alarm clocks. Back in 1900 in Great Britain there were people whose job was to wake up British sleepy bees!   

This guy looks like he was growing in 70s and 80s. And he was. This is his high school graduate picture from 1987. His name is Brian Hugh Warner, but you know him by his pseudonym - MARILYN MANSON. 

The history of frisbee is surely not something you learn in school. So we found for you the picture from 1970 of The Frisbee pioneers — Ken Westerfield and his dog, 

Nothing like a selfie. IN SPACE. Buzz Aldrin, the "selfie in space" pioneer took this photo back in 1966. 

Can't guess who this is? We'll give you one little help. Rocky. Yep, this is Sylvester Stallone! Picture is from 1951 when he was just 5 years old. 

Now this guy you have to recognize. The Apple father Steve Jobs. In Foothills Park, in Palo Alto,Steve is playing with his daughter. (2002)

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