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Scientist,Doctor Derek Lee, is the Founder of a located at the the Tarangire National park, in Tanzania.

The institute, protects  wildlife from would be poachers, and has implemented various strategies, in order to preserve the natural habitat and ensure their survival.  Their mission they state is to:

'Conduct scientific research on at risk wildlife species and their habitats,Advocate for their protection and educate the public about the need to preserve wild nature"

Last year, there was an unusual sighting, which caused some concern, when a pure white Giraffe was spotted among the others. They discovered that the Giraffe was suffering from a rare genetic disorder, that caused a lack of pigmentation. This condition is known as 'Leucism' and this causes the cells to lack pigmentation
Sadly, this means that he Giraffe is at a much higher risk from poachers and this is very worrying. The stunning Giraffe, has been nick named 'OMO' after a popular brand of washing detergent. She has been seen alive and well, thankfully and interestingly, the other Giraffes have accepted her.
Take a look at this stunning and extremely rare Giraffe below and if you would like to find out more about her story,or to follow updates on other campaigns, you can read about her here:

Update- Some People Have Alleged That OMO, Is, In Fact A Reincarnation Of The Late Iconic Singer, David Bowie

Update- some people have alleged that OMO, is, in fact a reincarnation of the Late Iconic singer, David Bowie
Recently, the latest sighting of OMO coincided with the death of David Bowie, and some of his dedicated fans, seem to see that as hugely significant and possible evidence of his 'reincarnation'
The Daily Mail newspaper, stated that fans suggested Omo:
"bears a slight resemblance to Bowie's iconic Ziggy Stardust Stardust Character, is a reincarnation of the late rocker:"

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