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'We all have our asking principles, meaning we all have our own ways of asking for something. Some ask with ego others politely and many a times we are never given the need that we had asked for. However, for some animals its really had to deny them their needs because of how they beg for what they want. Its really incredible, animals begging? Yes, some animals are cautious enough to beg, check out the following pictures

I was promised tuna if I don't make noise the whole night.

Oh, my Creator feed me some yummy fish today and if you like send me the whale to last me for a year.

My cute face will surely bring me some nice treat

Oh gorgeous, here are three cookies for you.

Promise to be more cute if you added a cookie

A nut will fall from the sky one day

Ooh my biscuit come back, I need you.

Hello, do you mind giving us a biscuit to bring warmth in the bad weather.

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