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We all have our dreams and aspirations and for Polish Artist Mariusz Kedzierski, his dream, his yearning passion, was to become an Artist.

However, Mariusz has a disability, which would usually, be an insurmountable obstacle. He was born without arms, however his yearning passion and attitude towards his disability, allowed him to find a way to achieve his dream. 
For Mariusz, portraits of people are inspiring, in an interview, Mariusz said that :

"People are my passion and their faces inspire me to draw portraits"

Mariusz achieved second place in the 2013 vienna ' Best Global Artist' competition.For Marisz, disability, is not a permanent  limitation, for he firmly believes that the only limitation to achieving our dreams and aspirations, is our own self imposed limitations. As he suggests:

 I want to inspire people, show them that all the limits are in our heads.

Here are some of his incredible portraits


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