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You know the stuff your mother always used to say to you: don't touch this, don't touch that, blah blah... Well, Mom, I hate to say it, but there is one thing in this world that nobody should ever touch. So, basically, sorry Mom. 

Ok, now to the story. The thing I'm talking about is not some new scorpion, snake or (God forbid) a spider. This thing looks just like an ordinary tree. Kinda like an apple... But this apple (like the one Adam and Eve had) is not to be touched, kids. 

This is  one of the deadliest trees in the world. It's name is manchineel. Manchineel peacefully grows along southern Florida, and also along the Caribbean coasts and in South America.

You can see here it's a fruit. Looking kind of like an ordinary apple, right? Even Spanish conquistadors knew for these sweet deadly fruits. They called it: "little apple of death".

Even though these "apples" are unimaginably sweet, just one bite could mean "bye, bye, life"

But if you thought this tree is stopping after imitating Snowwhite's stepmother, you are terribly wrong, mate. Actually every part of this tree is deadly in some way! The bark, leaves, sap. Everything! All of those can leave at least burns on your skin. 

It happened too many times that people sought protection from the rain under these trees. Oh, my, not only did they got rain, they got poisoned rain falling down from leaves of manchineel.

Also if you try to burn down these babies, smoke from them is also poisonous. Because, why not. This could cause severe irritation to the skin and eyes. Also if you inhale it i large quantities, you can guess it by now, you'd be dead. 

The main toxin of manchineel is phorbol. Most of the people are prone to allergic reactions when near phorobol. 

So if you spot a tree, in the areas we mentioned, and it looks like an apple, make sure to run in opposite direction! Manchineel can do this to you:

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