Unconditional Love And Euthanasia From The Dogs PerspectiveTranslate

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It is a well known fact that dogs, can sense when their human has Cancer. Scientists believe, that they can actually SMELL the cancer cells. Dogs love their owners unconditionally and are fiercely loyal. So much so, that there have been many cases, where dogs have remained by their owners side, when they have died, and even mourned by their grave. Conversely, dogs even remain loyal to owners who have viciously beaten and hurt them.
When dogs die, the feelings of grief, are  overwhelming and upsetting. There are many owners who share their stories, their pain  on Social Media. Sometimes, they share videos and pictures of their dogs on YouTube and whilst browsing, I came across many of these videos. However, one stuck out from all the others. The story of Denali, as this video, was purely from the perspective of the dog. It was profoundly moving.

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