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After the glass igloo hotel in Finland there is yet another way to experience the night sky. The magicians from Holleyweb are truly thinking outside the box and inside a transparent bubble tent

If you love camping but not so much to give up on some luxuries of a modern life, like THE BED, you're in luck. These boys and girls from Holleyweb have invented a perfect luxury way of sleeping underneath stars and really seeing the sky. Without losing a feeling that you are at your house. A transparent house.

For 2000 USD you can purchase yourself a personal star bubble! All you need is somewhere to plug in the tent's blower so the bubble don't end up on your head while watching the part of the universe you can see with your bear eyes. 

This transparent tent is around four meters large and can house two people. It also has a small "hallway"  so you can have a border between your bed and the outside world. The bubble tent is water-proof and fire retardant. So fire on your BBQ and leave your umbrellas at home! 

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