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There are a lot of stories about unusual animal friendships. between two different species and in some cases, wild animals, becoming overly attached to humans. However, this story about an unusual animal friendship, is even more unusual , as this time its not two, but three completely different species, whose friendship has spanned 15 long years. 

Baloo, is a black bear, who lives with his two best friends, Shere Khan, a Bengal Tiger and Leo a Lion. 

The story began, back in 2001, when they were rescued after being kept, in horrendous conditions,in the basement of a house in Atlanta, Florida. They were discovered by law enforcement officers, during a drugs raid. 

They were rescued immediately and taken to the Noah's Ark animal shelter in Georgia. Sadly, their injuries were too severe for a safe rehabilitation back into  the wild. However, the trio were inseparable, sharing a bond that is highly unusual. They are clearly enjoying their lives and spend much of the time, playing happily, side by side

Take a look at the delightful pictures of the trio, clearly enjoying their happy ending.

More info: Noah’s Ark

Baloo, Shere And Leo

Baloo, Shere and Leo
Every pictures tells a story, the bond they share is clear unconditional love, that you can almost 'feel'

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