Adopted dog From A shelter Goes On a road Trip Across America!Translate

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Maddie was just one of the dogs in a shelter. Left with other dogs who shared the same destiny. But than, something happened. Photographer Theron Humphrey came to that shelter and met Maddie. After seeing this adorable puppy craving for love and attention he just couldn't bear the thought of leaving Maddie at the shelter in her small cage. For a small fee of $40 Theron got himself a loving companion and a friend. 

Theron soon found out that, when it comes to modeling and posing for pictures, Maddie is a natural. She freezes in the most odd poses, she is able to pick up the phone, be still while he gets her in different clothes, hats and masks. This made their bond even stronger. So, the two musketeers go everywhere together even on road trips! Let's look at just some of the unbelievable pictures of ever so cute - Maddie on the road trip across USA.

Sources: maddieonthings, thiswildidea

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