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Our world is full of stories and we just have to look around. Sometimes you just have to look really closely to see them as in the case of the jewelry a talented artist produces.


Made by the German artist Isabell Kiefhaber, the rings are available to buy on Etsy. They are made with resin and each one of them is unique, showing a different scenario. One contains a couple sitting on a bench, another one - a man skiing and so on. There are rings with sheep that you can put on your finger.


In her Etsy profile Isabell Kiefhaber says “I love design and I love to work meticulously. I love to work with my hands and I love unique jewelry.”


While looking at these beautiful rings, we also share that love. Check the photos below and pick the design that you like most. Isabell take custom orders, so just send her an email and tell her your story.

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