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Living right near the Gap cliff in Australia brings pleasure but is also a test. This is what Don Ritchie things of the place. For many years he was residing near that spot that became infamous for the place where desperate people decide to attempt suicide. And every time Don Ritchie is keeping an eye out of these unhappy people, trying to persuade them not to throw themselves into the sea.


The noble man was striking up a conversation each time he saw a would-be suicide. Then he invited them to his home where he offered them a cup of tea and a proper talk. The sensitive and quiet approach of this man made his succeed in convincing those people not to give up on themselves but to try again and find a solution to their problems. Don Ritchie meant every word he said to these poor souls as he was fighting cancer himself.


At that time, he was also working in the insurance industry. Thus, later he used to tell his friends of the people he had saved “I was a salesman for most of my life as I sold them life.”

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