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There is something romantic about lighthouses. The looks of it, the sense you have when you even just look at the pic pf a lighthouse. It's a safe harbor. It's a sign that sailors are close to home or any land. Lighthouses are considered to bring luck, because imagine seeing the light of it in the middle or after a big storm at the sea. I'm sure you would feel lucky at least.

Even though today everything is on the computers lighthouses remain to be artistic monuments of architecture, old way of the sailors and beautiful adding to any scenery. 

We've collected some of the most beautiful pics of  the most proud guardians of the sea. These lighthouses must have been witnesses of thousands of storms, saved countless lives... And maybe, like in the movies, these buildings were a place for lovers. ;)

Bell Rock Lighthouse. U.K.

Bell Rock Lighthouse. U.K.
Bell Rock Lighthouse is the oldest existing rock Lighthouse in the British Isles. It is located on Inchcape Rock a long and treacherous reef lying in the North Sea, around 12 miles East of Dundee, Scotland.

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