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First, we will tell you some stuff about Easter Bunny itself. Basically rabbit was first been associated with Christianity and churches because a false belief that rabbits are hermaphrodites. That would mean that each rabbit have both female and male organs, so they could reproduce without losing their virginity. That's why some even connected the Bunny to the Virgin Mary. 

Now, the eggs are a custom taken from Orthodox church. During a Lent Orthodox Christians are not eating anything from an animal, including eggs. So when the Easter comes they are finishing Lent by symbolic eating of a painted egg (usually red). 

German protestants  were the ones who first brought this to the US in the 18th century. They spread the myth of Easter Bunny bringing gifts and eggs to the children. Good children of course.

So now that we know a bit about history of the Easter Bunny and eggs let's scare the hell out of you. We are sure that these children had trauma for the rest of their lives whenever they see bunny, eggs or hear anything about Easter.

Vote on your favorite Nightmare Easter Bunny, or post your own pictures below! And I hope that children are not around when you scroll.

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