When You Leave Husky For 3 Hours Alone You Might Discover His Artistic Side!Translate

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When you are leaving your pet alone in apartment you sure are prepared for some kind of surprise when you come back. But really there are some limits to even your imagination. Trust me on this one. 

If I told you there is a husky who is also an artist and interior designer, would you believe me? Well I wouldn't believe you if you told me so. But we have proof. 

This husky was left alone in an apartment for just 3 hours. With that scarce amount of time this Picasso did what he could. He found some ink, put his paws in it and started the intricate work of interior design. And I think he did a damn good job. Let me see you do something like this in 3 hours!

A friend of the husky's owners said that he used traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice. So the dog actually used an ink that is 100% non-toxic for himself and for humans. 

Knowing all this, look at the images bellow and tell me you don't see Pollock influence in it! 

(h/t: imgur)

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