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There are puzzles that can definitely leave you scratching your head! If you have ever had the feeling that your child is smarter than you in solving riddles, doing homework or dealing with various computer devices, well… you are not alone.


The kids today seem to know much more than us and sometimes we are even stumped. Below we are presenting four simple puzzles which the elementary school children seem to be able to solve immediately. What about you?

Puzzle 3. The Puzzle With The Numerical Pyramid

Puzzle 3. The puzzle with the numerical pyramid
Answer: This puzzle comes from the math worksheet of an American 12-year-old student.
There are 50 chocolate candies in the box, where 30 come with caramel filling, 25 come with coconut, 10 are two-flavored with caramel and coconut. The rest are just chocolate candies with no filling. Which diagram reflects the box of chocolates in the correct way?

Puzzle 4. The Puzzle With The box Of chocolates

Puzzle 4. The puzzle with the box of chocolates
Answer: diagram B. This is simple math:
The number of the caramel candies in the box is: 30 - 10 = 20
The number of the coconut candies in the box is: 25-10 = 15
The number of the plain chocolate candies in the box is: 50 - (20 + 15 +10) = 5

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