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Founded by college students back in 2008, “Together We Rise” after one of their classmates found out that their 9 year-old cousin was living in a car, the organization today is trying to help children get adopted. The college students were under the age of 21 then and came across many obsticles since the government agencies denied their help following the Federal regulations. No organization was welcoming the young people to join their efforts.


The college students became adults and two years ago, the “Together We Rise” organization started posting pictures of newly adopted kids using the social networks of Instagram and Facebook. The immediate reaction and the warm response of the people was incredible. Below you can see some of the happy photos of children that have just been adopted.


According to the organization “Together We Rise”, every day around 1 200 kids enter foster care in the United States. In that way their life is filled with stigma and uncertainty. In order to fight that and the system, the organization “Together We Rise” brings volunteers to help the children in foster care, and to encourage the families to adopt these kids. The surprise comes from the fact that all the volunteers are young. There is hope for the future, right?

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