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Costa Rica has its Sloth Institute, which is co-founded by Sam Trull. She started assisting sloths to go back to the wild back in 2013. From the very beginning the new institute is following several main goals, namely:

Serious research of the wild and captive sloths;Detailed collaboration with different other institutions around the globe that that work with sloths;Education aiming to provide interesting and useful information concerning sloths to the public.

Besides co-founder of the Sloth Institute, Sam Trull has also written the book Slothlove, also focused on the sloths creatures.


In front of the Manhattan Book Review, Sam Trull stated “I like it a lot that sloths tend to mind their own business. The ‘circle of life’ requires different animals like monkeys and carnivorous cats, and animals that eat other animals in order to survive. That is why I am so impressed by those species that only want to eat leaves, relax in the sunshine and be scratched. These animals are very curious and happy to have you around.”

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