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The Russian based Confectioner Olga is among those perfectionists that make life and things around us beautiful. Olga makes special sweets known as mirror marble cakes, which she is so good to publish on Instagram. Needless to say, the rest of the users of this platform are envy of all that beauty.

Luckily however, the Reddit user with the nickname SuperDrew124 has revealed the secret behind these special cakes and it goes like that:

Step 1 - you should bloom the gelatin by placing it in water;

Step 2 - you boil glucose and sugar in water;

Step 3 - you remove the mixture off the hub and add the gelatin;

Step 4 - you add the milk;

Step 5 - you pour on the top of the chocolate and buerre mix in order to remove the bubbles.

The mixture should be used at temperature 35C/95F.


The special marble-looking effect comes from the pouring of different color glazes, mixing them together over the tasty cake.

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