PETA Asia: Fake Leather Accessories Surprise Shoppers

3 year ago · Marta · 0 Comment
Some messages have to be harsh in order to reach people and really change their attitude. This is especially valid for the leather industry and the people who love to buy leather goods. The advertising company Ogilvy & Mather based in Bangkok and PETA association in Asia decided to change the situation.


The two joined their efforts and opened a new shop in one of the trendiest shopping malls in the capital city of Thailand. Inside they arranged leather goods that seemed ordinary, but in fact they had a secret inside and it had… a terrifying effect.


The wallets, shoes, bags and all other items had inside fake animal blood, flesh and even a beating heart. The shoppers did not expect that and they all jumped back horrified. Yes, it may be harsh, but it is a wake-up call that people of today rally need!

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