An Unlikely Bond Forms Between Man’s Best Friend And A Pet Fox

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If you love animals, you’ve probably heard of the pet fox named Juniper who decided to take a warm cozy bed over a bed of snow. Though it’s never recommended to keep wild animals as pets, this little girl wouldn’t have had it any other way. Especially after she befriended an Australian Shepherd mix named Moose who was also rescued at a very young age.

In fact, the pair became inseparable from day one. Moose immediately took the role of guardian. From sun up to sun down Juniper and Moose do everything together—they eat, sleep, play, you name it. It was an instant attraction between the two and according to their owner, the tiny fox often acts like she’s a “little girl with a crush” whenever they spend time together.

The interesting thing about this unlikely pair is that dogs and foxes don’t typically get along, mainly because of the scent foxes give off. But not this fox and hound. Juniper can often be found sitting on top of Moose, claiming him as hers. In a recent interview, the owner smiled and said, “I’ll often walk into the room and see Moose lying down with such a glum look on his face while Juniper sits on his head smiling”.

While this bond is straight from a storybook, Juniper’s owner stated on her Instagram page that having a fox is nothing like having a dog. If groomed properly dogs will often smell good, but with foxes there is nothing you can do about how awful they smell. It’s not their coat that smells bad, it’s the skunk-like smell of their urine and feces that can’t be de-scented. It lingers.

The owner also warned Instagram followers that “foxes are often destructive and will destroy things in your home.” She continued with, “They also need taurine or they can go blind, have seizures and even die…”

Remember, it’s never suggested to keep wild animals as house pets but with these pictures you will get your daily dose of SQUEE!

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