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If you’re a pet owner, it’s more than likely that you’ve given thought to what your furry friend might be doing while you are away at work or school. Are they getting into things, destroying furniture or simply stealing food like the sleuth they were made to be without even the slightest clue? Well, this question was something that one owner was determined to find out by installing a few nanny cams.

After installing the cameras, the owner of this fluffy white cat learned the truth about their feline family member, a truth so shocking that every cat owner will want to install a few cameras of their own. If you have a cat it’s more than likely that you have coined them as “the lazy ball of fluff” or “sleeping beauty” because really, that’s all cats do, right? They sleep more than they play and when you leave the house at 6am to return at 3pm they are in the same exact spot sleeping. Pure laziness!

Well, think again.

As it turns out, cats are a lot more active than us humans think they are—but only when we are away from home. That’s right, our furry friends are not just relaxing on the couch or curled up in their cat tree watching and stalking birds, they are more active than most humans even. And by active, we mean they are dancing. Ballet, to be exact.

Yes, ballet.

They might not be dressed up in a ballerina costume or wearing proper shoes, but prepare yourself to be amazed by the elegant dancing skills this cat has. While it’s true that felines have been named one of the most elegant creatures on the planet, regardless of how large or small they are, this cat is taking graceful to a whole new level.

Ready, set… plie, releve, saute!!

In layman’s terms: bend, rise, jump!!

Three graceful skills that can only be mastered by the best ballerina...or her cat.   

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